A recent convert to Ubuntu & I’m happy!


(The purpose of this article is not to glorify ver 12.10 of Ubuntu but Ubuntu in general)

My relationship with Ubuntu went on and off over the past few years. I went back to Windows because I couldn’t do everything with ease the way I was doing it on Windows and back then mounting windows folders or creating those swap and boot partitions manually during installation was a hassle. Basically I would waste quiet a long time doing something on Ubuntu than on Windows. Another reason for going back to Windows was that I only had one machine back then and I was using it for everything and I didn’t want to lose everything by doing something silly.

Last month I heard a few good things about Ubuntu 12.10 and I did some research and I realized it’s time to at least switch my laptop to Ubuntu. The reason I chose my laptop is because I use it mainly for browsing, emails, watch movies, transfer pictures from sdcard, read pdfs and write a few documents and spreadsheets. So I thought I could do all that with Ubuntu. But why would I switch to Ubuntu from Windows. Well apparently I upgraded to Windows 8 recently, even though I’d like it on a tablet rather on my laptop. After using it for a few weeks, it lost it’s strength and speed and started to slow down. I knew Ubuntu is faster so I made the switch and man the installation was super easy and fast. I downloaded ubuntu on my usb disk and made it bootable. Installation started, asked me a few questions and when Ubuntu got loaded I had a beautiful desktop environment with all drivers installed and Windows folder was mounted automatically.

Ubuntu is fast, meaning the application loading, file processing and multitasking altogether is much faster than Windows. Ubuntu loads faster than Windows. The best feature about Ubuntu is that it’s FREE. I didn’t pay anything for it and it’s completely ethical to share it with your friends. Copy onto people’s usb disks or ftp it to them and you won’t go to jail. Last thing but not the least, Ubuntu is open source. If you are ‘Tech Fried’ you’ll want to develop some kinda app for your business or company at some stage and with Ubuntu you can easily do that.

With ubuntu I don’t have to worry about buying software, downloading the file and then running it and installing it. Ubuntu’s Software Center does that for you. You can search for applications inside Software Center and click on install just like you install apps on your Android phone or iphone.  I have firefox, chrome, and libreoffice to do everything that I used to do on Windows. Usb drivers work fine, I transfer my pictures from my DSLR camera to the laptop with ease.

After using Ubuntu for a month, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Windows on my laptop. It’s fast, it’s light, and it’s cool.