Sound problem in Ubuntu 12.10 after suspend/resume 4

My migration to Ubuntu from Windows platform went pretty well except a few minor dribbles, one of them was the sound problem. I, as most of the laptop users, do not shutdown my Ubuntu at the end of the night. I simply close the led and it goes in suspension mode. And that’s exactly what was causing my Ubuntu to give me problems playing any youtube video or an avi movie file. Sometimes the sound would skip and sometimes it would kinda stutter on one split of a second, forever. Force resetting alsa using the two different commands below, didn’t really help me. But before you do that make sure your sound volume is not mute or not too low. Make sure the right output is selected, it’s “Speakers: Built-in Audio” in my case as you can see in the screenshot. If you are connecting your tv through hdmi then you’ll have another option in there. You have to click on it to select it.


sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload
sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart


Googled the problem for a few days but with no luck. Posted on askubuntu and ubuntuforums but no one responded for days. It sucks when they publicize the feature of a product so much but it doesn’t function properly; forums in this case. Guys in askubuntu don’t seem to be serious about jobs (paid or volunteer, doesn’t matter). What i did foud was the method to list all audio processes and kill them all individually. Below command will list the processes.

lsof | grep pcm

That didn’t work either for me. What did work was upgrading my audio drivers. Yes, it worked like a charm. I didn’t even restart my ubuntu, all I had to do was refresh my youtube pages. Typing the following three commands will upgrade your audio drivers. It might take a few minutes so sit back and relax.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Enjoy Ubuntu!

  • aamadis

    Thank you!!!!!!!

  • u_natthrafn

    Oh my god thank you. After updating my AMD video drivers everything went haywire. I’ve been searching for a solid solution (and not some effing patches) to the problem. Thank you thank you thank you….

    • techfried

      You are welcome.

  • Aaron Schif

    Thanks, Appreciate it.