Pashto keyboard support in Windows 8 – په وېنډوز ۸ کی پښتو 2

Windows 8 has builtin keyboard input support for Pashto language based on the keyboard layout support standardized by Afghan Ministry of Communications. Microsoft has included Pashto Input method in Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 and now in Windows 8 as well, however it will not be included in Windows Phone 8 OS designed for smartphones.

Like in the past, installation or configuration is pretty simple if you are a normal Windows user. You can follow the following steps to configure Pashto input method in Windows 8.

Move your mouse to the top right corner, click on search and type “control”. Under Apps you’ll find control panel, click on it.


In the control panel, under ‘Clock, Language and Region’ click on ‘Change input methods’.


You’ll get the screen below, click on ‘Add a language’ to add Pashto language as an input method.


In the next screen, scroll down to ‘P’ where you’ll find Pashto, select it and click on ‘Add’.


Once the input method is added you’ll see language switcher in the taskbar right next to the clock. In Windows 8 you’ll find ‘ENG’ for English language. In order to switch to Pashto, click on ENG and select Pashto.


You can use two shortcut keys to switch between the languages. One that I have been using ever since Windows XP is left alt key and left shift key combination. Second way of doing it is to press windows key and space bar.



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