How to get high page rank? (my story of PR3 in 1 month) 2

tf-prLast year, around the same time, I wrote an article How to get high page rank (PR) in google? (my story, PR5 in 3 months). Following the same approach I’m writing another success story with search engine optimization techniques. This time it’s more interesting but I’d say with good timing (luckily). It’s the techniques I followed to achieve page rank (PR) 3 in only 1 month.

In the first week of 2013, I registered this domain name ( and moved all of the content from my PR4 domain name ( I wasn’t too happy with the old name. I was confident that I will achieve the same page ranking if not better in less time. With my old domain I didn’t do any seo at all. I was just dependent on search engine crawlers only. I was fortunate that Google penguin’s first update in 2013 was scheduled for the last week of January and first week of February. I knew the new updates will give TechFried some page ranking and that’s why when I checked my site this morning (first thing after logging on to my laptop during my breakfast at 6:30am :( ), I saw my Firefox addin showing PR3 for my site. This means in exactly 1 month time I went from registering my domain name to PR3, which I believe is an excellent start for my one post a week sorta blog.

If you’ve read my previous post, mentioned earlier, I prioritized 7 things. But this time I’ll add a couple more critical things, which are, create good/new content and be more ethical and don’t try any spamming techniques, for those will give you only temporary boost but not bring you any audience.

So besides being ethical and let google crawlers do the job for you, you’ve to provide great content to your readers. Those are the basics of running a successful website. On top of that the following listed techniques will help you advertise your site further.

  1. Submit sitemaps: So after moving all the content to I redirected the old domain to the new, so I don’t lose audience. I did URL mirroring, which helped me take the visitor to the exact same page but on the new domain. Once everything was upto date, I submitted my sitemaps to Google and Bing. I realized yandex brought a lot of Russian spam so I excluded that from my list.
  2. Facebook page (or group) : I don’t have a facebook page or group but I do have a twitter page (Follow it). It’s good to have both and lat but not the least you should have page or share site links on your google plus account.
  3. Digg, Delicious & Stumpleupon: I don’t like the new digg, for me it’s completely useless. Stumpleupon attracts visitors as well but reddit is something that you should work. Reddit has high PR and has lots of visitors. Read reddit policy before you use it and it will give you a great boost.
  4. DMOZ: I wasn’t successful to get my site into dmoz. Well I actually didn’t get time to try it, but that’s in my to-do list for sure.
  5. Link Exchanges: Link exchanges are alright if you know some high PR web owners but is it ethical or not, is a debatable question.
  6. Backlinks: You need lots of these, read my previous post on how to get them. It’s at number 6 in my list for no reason, this is not an ordered list. But you should work on backlinks from day 1 till your site lives.
  7. Marketing: Spread the word about your website. Print business cards, send text messages to your friends, send whatsapp messages, email them, well whatever comes to your mind. But like previously mentioned, make sure you don’t annoy people because it’s these people that you want to like your site.

Good luck and please leave your comments below. If you have any concerns, share them so we could discuss.

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    It appears that you went from PR4 to PR3 in 1 month.