Xperia Z/ZL is not for Canadian customers 10

Sony’s Xperia phones have the best camera that I’ve used on smartphones and that is why, after reading a lot about Xperia Z & ZL, I planned on getting one for myself after I broke my Xperia mini pro. But it seems like that’s not going to happen because what I was looking for was a phone with dust/water proof capabilities,  4G/LTE support and also supports AWS 1700 frequency which Mobilicity and Wind Mobile use in Canada. Apparently none of these two models give me what I’m looking for.

Xperia ZL supports AWS 1700 frequency on 4G/LTE but it’s not IP Code 57, meaning it’s not dust and water proof.

Xperia Z is IP Code 57 but does not support AWS 1700 frequency on 4G/LTE but it does on 3G, which would be a waste of money if my carrier supports it but I don’t have a phone that works on it even though I’d have spent more than $500. Even Xperia TL LTE is not IP Code 57.

I don’t understand the nonsense of having so many different versions of phones for different regions. But as far as Canada’s Mobilicity and Wind users are concerned, we’ve to look for other options, probably other options in my mind are not as good as having an Xperia Z* phone with 4G/LTE support, AWS 1700 support on 4G/LTE and also have the phone IP Coded 57.

  • Anthony C Lam

    Xperia Z has 4G/LTE capabilities. The only difference between the two phones are the shells, which is also why ZL is not waterproof.

    • techfried

      Xperia Z’s 4G/LTE capabilities don’t work under AWS 1700 frequency. The main difference between the two is Xperia Z won’t work on Mobilicity/Wind.

      • Anthony C Lam

        Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. Will it work on Rogers? :)

        • techfried

          Yes, it’s supposed to work on 4G.LTE on rogers

  • Vincent Ho

    What you r asking for is everyone’s dream phone. The z only has lte band 7,tthat’s why they don’t plan on releasing in Canada.

  • Kern Lee

    so between the Z and the ZL, which one will work with Wind ?

    • techfried

      Both will work with Wind but none will work on 4G/LTE. I mean Xperia ZL is not 4G/LTE at all, and Xperia Z will not support Wind frequency under 4G/LTE.

  • NNG

    Talk about a mis-leading topic. ZL is absolutely for Canadians.

    • techfried

      Can you tell me which one of the two models will support AWS 1700 on 4G/LTE and is IP Coded 57 at the same time?

      • Avalain

        Can you tell me how many smartphone models from any company support AWS 1700 on 4G/LTE and is IP Code 57 at the same time? If that’s what makes a phone “for Canadians” then most of us have been stuck with cans and string for a lot of years.