Samsung Galaxy S4: Pre-Order What?


With Samsung Galaxy S4′s release date coming closer, carriers around the world are releasing bits of information about the phone every single day but most of the carriers and shops don’t know which model of Samsung Galaxy S4 they are selling yet they are pre-booking them for you. It’s sad that they will go into the trouble of arguing with the customers on the processor/frequency/data speed issues and will put customers in a lot of trouble with this pre-booking/pre-ordering/pre-registration phenomenon. What are you actually prebooking? No carrier can tell you that till today. I’ve called a couple carriers in Canada and more than 3 different stores in UAE and no body knows which particular model they are planning on selling. So what they are making you do is, pay for the phone and then go home and meditate for the one you wish.

Here’s the links to some carriers in Canada (Mobilicity, Wind, Rogers) and in UAE (Du, Axiom Telecom [shop]) and in USA (T-Mobile). No body will tell you if they are selling you a quadcore or an octacore model of Galaxy S4. No body will know if your phone will support 4G/LTE or not, if you call them or read their website.

But then again we don’t know which of one of the two model is a better phone in terms of performance and battery power. So it’s kinda worth to risk your ~$700 or AED 2600.