IP57 Certified Samsung Galaxy S4 on it’s way!

galaxys4ip57With the kind of hardware and software features that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with it seems like the only missing feature would be the dust and water protection which some refer to as dust and water proof. But as one could predict, Samsung has got the upper hand over it’s consumers and is releasing various versions of one mobile phone.

I’m desperately waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 and can’t wait to grab a hold of this phone but with news like this, it seems like we’ll never be satisfied with what we get because there’s always something better coming up.

In a Q&A session in Dubai, Young Soo Kim (President of Samsung Gulf) has revealed that a water & dust proof or protected version of Galaxy S4 is coming soon. Sony’s Xperia Z already comes with this feature but do you want your phone to have this feature? Well it all depends on how often you go to the beach and if you’ve a child at home that chews on your phone.