Resolve to resolve DNS faster

It can get tedious and annoying when you pay lots for your monthly internet bill but because of non-optimal settings on your router or modem you don’t get the maximum speed. One of the various reasons that affect your internet speed at home is the DNS servers response time. Your service provider will have a default DNS server setup on your modem and most probably that will be the one configured on most modems at home. TechRepublic had a very informative article written on this topic and suggests some alternative DNS servers that you can use to speed up your internet connection. I did some testing on my internet connection and apparently I didn’t need to change anything to get the optimal configuration. The only thing that this article is missing is to check whether your existing DNS server’s response time is slower than the ones suggested by techrepublic.

You’d need to go to where you can check the response time of your DNS server and then use the same link again to compare the new DNS server with the old DNS server. Before making all the changes to my router/modem, I tested my service providers DNS server and compared it to Google’s DNS server and OpenDNS, and I found out that my service providers DNS response time is better. So only make the changes if you think it’s worth it. If your DNS server response time results are better and your wireless internet connection at home is still slow then there could be other reasons which you have to check but changing DNS server in this case won’t be ideal.