3 Situations That Cause Legal Trouble

Maybe you think you are doing a stranger a favor by helping or perhaps you think you can just ignore a traffic ticket. Surprise! Surprise! Little things can land you in trouble with the law if you”re not careful.

How? Read on.

Harboring a runaway

You meet someone on the street and find out they have nowhere to go, no food or money. You give them a place to stay for the night. If you wake up to the police pounding on your door, then you know something is really wrong. When it all boils down to is, you have harbored a runaway. Of course, you had no intention of breaking the law, but apparently you did. Sometimes, these innocent mistakes cannot be easily fixed until you are bailing yourself out of jail. You might think giving someone sanctuary is an act of kindness, but if that someone is a minor you run a risk of getting yourself into trouble.


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Illegal downloading

Just because everyone is downloading books, movies or music without paying doesn”t make it suddenly legal. There have been many arrests in conjunction with illegal music downloading. Many people have been found through their Internet providers. It is very possible to get caught committing this crime, and the fines can be substantial, so think about that when you”re free-loading your favorite tunes.

The forgotten ticket

Once upon a time, you were issued a traffic citation. You brushed the incident off, pleading guilty and going about your daily routine as usual. Months later, you are involved in a car accident. That admission of guilt on your driving record now can be used in court as evidence that you caused of the accident. If you have pled guilty to a traffic violation or speeding ticket in the past, the judge or jury can might question your good driving abilities if something happens in the future.

Whether you”re downloading music or helping someone, before jumping into something that you feel is harmless make sure that what you are doing isn”t, in fact, a potential legal problem down the road. It”s always better to think before acting than to have to second-guess yourself later.


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