4 Ways to Start Earning Money From Your Blog

Maintaining a blog and keeping up with social media can take a lot of time, so if you have a blog you might as well start getting something out of it.

Whether you”re just getting into blogging or you”ve been building your blog and its audience for years, there are ways you can start making some extra cash for the time you put into your site. Here are four tips for way to generate money from blogging.

Submit your writing to other blogs

If you want to make money from blogging, you might find it”s easier to work as a freelance writer. Freelancing can be a great way to make some extra money on the side and work on your own time.

It”s also a great way to get started (regardless of experience), refine your skills, and build a body of work before you start your own career of blogging for your own website.

Build an audience for your own blog

If you”re looking to make money off your own personal site, you need to increase your reader numbers first. Making money as a blogger doesn”t happen overnight; it can be a long process.

In order to make substantial revenue from a blog, it first has to maintain a steady flow of traffic. You can give people a reason to visit your blog with interesting, original content and use social media to direct them to the content there.


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Put your ad space to work

It”s pretty easy to put ads on your blog. Getting anything out of it can be a challenge, though.

You want to make sure that the ads you put on your site are relevant to your readers. If you have a fashion blog, for instance, an ad for a clothing website or designer that you sometimes feature will definitely interest visitors to your site.

Become an Amazon associate

When you sign up to be an Amazon associate you agree to put a banner to Amazon on your website. Whenever someone clicks through the banner on your site, you receive a portion of whatever they order.

Your readers are probably going to shop at Amazon anyway, so it”s a simple way they can help support you without much work on their part.

If you do start earning profits from your blog, you want to make sure you increase the site”s security for your protection and for the benefit of your customers. Switching to a secure server, and a trustworthy host with good customer service, will ensure you have complete control over your blog”s security and can stay protected.


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