5 Reasons Healthcare Is Going to the Clouds

Every industry is being altered for the better by new technology, and health care is no exception. One exciting area of change is software and data, as it”s going to the cloud. Here are a five reasons why that”s a very good thing.

End customers

Patients are increasingly voicing their preference that their medical records be accessible everywhere. Due to changing insurance plans, relocation and emergency preparation, it”s becoming possible and desirable for patient data to be universally accessible.


Think of all the variations of computer models there are in use, and it”s dizzying to think that each one requires a slightly different way of operating. Wouldn”t it be easier if the interface used were identical on every screen? That”s where we”re headed, with simplified operations that will save time, money, and lives.


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Devices and machines

We”re now in the era of smart machines that can transmit and receive data, and that”s never been more useful than in health care. A universally accessible system is needed in order for physicians and nurses to get the information and record it, but also for technical purposes of repair and maintenance. The cloud affects the devices that keep people breathing.

Money saved can buy implementation help

The beauty of software and data being in the cloud is that there are quality process consultants that couple their services with cloud-based technologies. And when it comes to software (whether it”s in the cloud or not), the most valuable and important part is the training that surrounds it. No piece of technology can improve a practice if it”s not utilized and implemented.

Consumers want control

Increasingly, customers are taking responsibility for their own health. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the primary factor is the astronomical cost of health care, especially for the millions of Americans without insurance or for the many others who can”t afford expensive copayments if they are insured.

From a health standpoint, people want to access records of their blood work, their progress, their treatments and their prescriptions. Cloud computing enables all of those functions in a simple web interface that people are used to.


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