The Data Centre: The Heart of Any Business

The internet is a vast world full of data and information that is both available to the public, and locked away behind firewalls and passwords. Every individual and organisation hopes that their private and public information is stored successfully; but have you ever thought about where it is stored, and how it is retrieved? It’s not really something that crosses many people’s minds, because we do have the luxury of having instant access to almost anything, and this lack of waiting is something that we have become accustomed to and that we take for granted.

However, even if you go looking for your data source, you may not find it. A good and well executed data centre should become part of its surroundings, as well as being incredibly secure – for obvious reasons. But what exactly is it that a data centre does, and how does this help your business?

What Happens When You Click on a Website?

Although the process seems very simple to us, there are hundreds of tiny actions taking place in order for us to be able to click on a link and watch a page open up instantaneously. Firstly, once the link is clicked on information is sent through your router and on to the internet. There are then a number of ways that the information is able to be sent to the data centre.


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Once at the data centre it is transformed into network data packets before it is pushed into your service provider’s network. It may then travel through a number of other data centres both inside and outside the US which are all connected by fibre optic cables and this information then passes on to a transit network which runs networks worldwide. Once it has the information it needs you will then see your link open. This seems almost instantaneous to you; and the sequence is complete.

How Important Are Data Centres?

This type of activity is going on every second of every day which just goes to show how important these data centres are. Without the data centres we would not have access to websites, email, social networking or online communication such as Skype. Which means in turn your organisation wouldn’t be able to reach as many customers or provide them with up to the minute information and advertising. You would never read this article and learn the importance of data centres. So just remember that they are a vital part of any business communication and your company just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Outsourcing Your Needs

People want information now; and they will look for it elsewhere if this does not happen. Many organisations and businesses are now using cloud to help support this need for information as it is a much more effective and streamlined way of working. However with these new services and applications comes the need for bigger and better storage and data capabilities which means seeking help for their data centre networking from those service providers that are able to help them and are better equipped to manage the workload. So with the help of data centres businesses are able to meet the needs of the consumer and keep the cycle going.


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