4 Tips for Thicker Hair

It”s not anyone”s idea of a happy result, but hair loss and thinning do occur. People develop thinner hair due to a number of causes, including illness, age, and even an unhealthy diet.

There are tactics that can help you attain thicker, more luxurious hair. Below are four. If one method doesn”t work, there are several more.

Go crazy with color

Believe it or not, thin hair can benefit significantly from coloring treatment. When you opt to have your hair dyed or arrange to have highlights added your thinning hair, it can thicken.

It will look more lush and luxurious. Color grabs onto the exterior portion of your follicles, enabling them to repair damage and look thicker.


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Cut it off

Sometimes the best answer to thinning hair is a shorter hairstyle. The longer your hair, the thinner it looks. If you suffer from thinning hair and want to make it look thicker with a natural remedy, consider a shorter cut.

Right now, trendy short cuts are longer in the front and stacked in the back. It”s a chick look that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your hair.

Spray-on treatment

Many manufacturers produce sprays that create thicker-looking hair. These products are designed to make your hair appear more dense and luxurious, although the result is obviously temporary. It”s a great solution to obtaining thicker-looking hair for a specific event or look.

Use prenatal vitamins

It”s no secret that pregnant women”s hair becomes thick and luxurious in little time at all. The reason for this is all the vibrant hormones coursing through their bodies.

If you aren”t pregnant, you can take prenatal vitamins rich in healthy minerals that can have a thickening effect on your hair.

Alopecia bracelets

If you or someone you love suffers from alopecia, which is the suddenloss of hair due to the immune system”s mistaken attack on your hair follicles, an alopecia bracelet is a lovely sign of support. These bracelets are designed to bring awareness to the issue of alopecia, and are available from Follea.

The reason your hair is thinning could be anything. From genetics to illness to a poor diet and too much stress, hair loss is something that happens for any number of reasons. Some people are fortunate enough to live into their golden years with gorgeous hair and others have to take advantage of products on the market to help their hair stay beautiful.


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