2 Solid Ways to Leave a Job on Great Terms (Even If They Don’t Deserve It)

In an economy as tough as the current one, millions of workers have remained in positions that are far below their potential, and often make them unhappy. For the lucky ones, their day arrives, and a better opportunity presents itself.

That means it”s time to quit their existing job, and sometimes you experience pressure from the new employer to do it immediately. But that”s when you”ll want to consider the long-term ramifications of the decision that”s facing you.

Here are the best two ways to take this opportunity and make the most of it, in a way that will make everyone happy and leave no bridges smoldering in your wake. Even if (in your opinion) your old employer doesn”t really deserve such consideration.

Length of notice

The standard notice is still two weeks, when it comes to letting your employer know about your imminent departure. However, if you want to come across as generous and earn some extra goodwill, offer to stay on longer, if you have the flexibility.

There”s always a chance your old bosses will make you a massive counter-offer to stay. Even if you don”t have any intention of staying, you could use that to negotiate a higher salary at your next job.


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Knowledge transfer

In the same breath that you use to give your notice, you also might want to try to soften the blow by offering to assist with the process of finding and onboarding your replacement. Your employer”s immediate concern and fear upon hearing that you”re leaving will likely relate to the interruption to company operations (otherwise known as operational variability caused by employee turnover).

Having an employee that offers to find and train his or her replacement is the type of solution your managers will never forget.

You”ll also have a chance to make a new friend in the new employee, because you”ll be able to give that person all kinds of helpful and positive advice from your months or years of experience. The biggest goal at this stage is to please as many people as you can on the way out, and it shouldn”t be too hard to do, since you know you”ve got new adventures ahead!

If your managers decline your help, or you run out of time before you need to start your new job, you can also go the extra mile by recommending a knowledge transfer consultant that will help your company make a smooth transition when it comes to finding, hiring, and training your replacement.


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