Five Ways to Organize and Promote an Inclusive Workplace Holiday Gathering

Workplace event promotion is difficult since you have a small audience. Furthermore, it is hard to deny that corporate events are often dull and boring, therefore employees will do anything to avoid attending.

You will have an empty event if you cannot persuade the company’s employees to come. As a result, it is vital that you plan an event that your employees will find difficult to refuse. Fortunately, with a little effort and research, you can throw entertaining and unique events that your staff will look forward to throughout the year.

Read on to discover some essential strategies to convince your colleagues to attend your office holiday event.

1. Understand the Guests

Knowing the guest is the most important rule of party planning, but many people overlook it. Hence, make sure you learn everything you can about the people who will be attending, in this case, the employees for whom you are throwing the event.

It is not hard to get feedback on what they might enjoy. All you need to do is be open and ask for opinions. If you want to plan a theme party, talk about the concept that they are interested in.

The most typical issue with promoting an office gathering is failing to plan something engaging in the first place. You can use any strategy available and yet fail if the visitors do not like what you have planned.

2. Choose A Theme

When selecting a party theme for workplace gatherings, corporate event planners must ensure that the theme is both relevant and enjoyable. But, most significantly, they must ensure that it is appropriate for the setting.

Something that emphasizes the season is simple but powerful. Additionally, guests usually enjoy dressing up for the holidays, so you possibly don’t need to set a strict dress code to have everyone dressed up for the occasion.

You can also gain from sporting events such as NBA Finals and the MLB playoffs. In this situation, have everyone wear their team colors and enjoy the games together. Remember that beer and chips have the potential to bring people together.

3. Send Invitations

The next stage in organizing a holiday office party is to create an unforgettable invitation. What is the importance of unique invitations? Because that’s the best way to let your guests know!

When it comes to invitations, both professionals and non-professionals can benefit from typical invitations. Paper invites, digital e-cards, and corporate posters are examples of these. The same strategy applies to conferences, philanthropic events, and other unique occasions.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to create an attractive invitation since is here to assist. This is the one-stop destination for all of your event promotion needs, with a limitless amount of layouts and aesthetic aspects to choose from.


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Make full use of your company’s internal messaging system. If your organization employs email, Slack, or a chat group, make use of it as much as possible to communicate the event with the staff.

4. Pick A Venue

You may have a gorgeous conference room, but your staff will be more engaged if you arrange your event somewhere new. A change of scenery can enhance motivation for employees. These informal gatherings might assist to revive work relationships and motivate teams.

While bars and restaurants are popular, consider non-traditional sites such as vineyards, yachts, warehouses, or wherever else your staff can have a unique experience. Discovering and learning about a new environment provides them with something to bond over.

You must be able to correctly select an event venue as it will have a substantial impact on your entire effort. It will be easier to persuade them to go if the venue is well-known and popular among people of average age.

5. Give Out Prizes

Nothing beats a gift to get people excited about a company event. There’s no doubt that people appreciate freebies. Consider presenting an extra day off, corporate merchandise, or the latest tech device if you want to go big.

Put aside some of your event spending for gifts for all attendees. Unless you know exactly what everyone in your organization wants, provide generic prices such as concert tickets, gift vouchers, restaurant family meals, or household products.


Many of us still believe that all we need to do is schedule an office gathering and everyone will show up. This is undoubtedly not the case. You might organize the holiday event with the greatest of intentions and still have no one show up.

The good news is that by simply following the recommendations above, you can easily boost your odds of success. If you follow the advice above, you might be able to make it a lot easier on yourself because people will want to attend the holiday gathering you make.


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