3 Apps That a Beginning Farmer in the Corporate World Should Know

How many times has the thought crossed your mind that you”d like to tell your boss to shove it, walk out the door, and never look back?

Perhaps daily? It”s a nice daydream, but how many folks actually take the plunge without having some kind of escape plan in place? Some are not only doing it, they”ve decided to trade in their cubicle for a plot of farm land.

And while there aren”t any hard-and-fast statistics with regard to the number of office workers that have become farmers, a BBC report suggests this is a definite trend in the United States.

No doubt some of these new cultivators would appreciate learning about some of the farming apps on the market today to help them make the transition easier. Here are three of the most useful.

FuelLog Mobile App

FuelLog is an app that assists farmers in using their fuel resources more efficiently. A free app for Android phones, FuelLog runs useful calculations such as fuel consumption of a tractor, SUV, or any of the other vehicles used on the farm.

You can also track other expenses like monthly insurance, daily bridge toll, yearly taxes, services, car parts, parking costs, oil or tire changes, and a lot more. The user interface is easy to use: intuitive, clear, and simple.


Image Source: Pixabay

SoilWeb Mobile App

Originally developed in a partnership between UC Davis and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the SoilWeb app provides GPS based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data, formatted for both iPhones and Androids.

This application retrieves graphic summaries of different soil types associated with the user”s geographic location. Images are linked to detailed data about each of the named soils. Google Maps and Google Earth are also interfaced with this app to provide additional location-based data.

Pro Grass Rotation App

The Pro Grass Rotation App can be downloaded to your iPhone for $27.99. It”s designed to measure land pasture usage for grazing and shows you how to get more from grazed grass each season.

You can use the app to maximize pasture utilization and animal performance at the same time. Farmers also use the tool to decide the amount of fertilizer needed for the most digestible grass.

Where to buy your farm

If you”re interested and would like to start looking into exiting the corporate world for greener pastures, a useful resource to begin your exploration of opportunities is the BusinessesForSale.com website. A classified section details the asking price, the sales revenue, and the cash flow of each farm that”s up for sale.

Though physically demanding, owning a farm comes with its own rewards, including working with your hands, a return to nature, and a complete lifestyle overhaul. So if this challenge excites you, it might be the time for you to clock out, download a couple of apps, and pick up your shovel. That row of corn isn”t going sow itself!


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